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In this episode, we talk about how video fits into the buyer’s journey, 2019 SEO services report, and benefits of targeting low volume keywords. We would love to hear your thoughts so make sure to comment or tweet us at @Sylvestrer1, @SeanHenri, and @Tendrecroppes or @PepperlandMKTG.

Making the Case for Video at Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Anne Leuman for TopRank Marketing

Every marketer is talking about video and how well it attracts and converts, but does it actually work? Short answer, yes. Anne from TopRank Marketing breaks down what videos are working for each stage of the buyer’s journey. The statistics behind video consumption are just too astonishing to ignore.  

“The average U.S. adult spends 5 hours and 57 minutes a day watching video. Compare that number to the average amount of time someone reads each day (16.8 minutes), and you’ll find that people watch videos over 21-times longer than reading text.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Attract
    • Top-performing video types: Trailers, Teasers & Brand Video
  • Engage
    • Top-Performing Video Types: Explainers, Reviews
  • Convert
    • Top-Performing Video Types: Webinars, Testimonials
  • Retain
    • Top-Performing Video Types: Tutorials & Video Essays
  • Advocate
    • Top-Performing Video Types: Teasers, Trailers & Cultural Highlights

THE 2019 SEO Services Report

Brian Dean for Backlinko

Backlinko surveyed 1,200 business owners to get a better view of just how much companies were paying for SEO services. They used this information to see the correlation between how much they were spending and how satisfied they are with their results. 

seo report - referrals influence more than 50% when choosing a provider

“Although the importance of referrals pales in comparison to a provider’s reputation (55% vs. 74%), it’s still something that influenced more than half of the people we spoke to.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Client satisfaction is very low and only 30% of companies say that would recommend their current SEO agency. 
  • People tend to switch providers or agencies frequently. 65% of people in this study have said they’ve worked with several providers.

Why it’s worth targeting keywords with no-to-low monthly search volume

Jessica Foster for Search Engine Land

Most marketers and content creators are looking for those keywords that are going to have a huge ROI. They are looking for terms with over 500 monthly searches that will hopefully get them a bunch of new visitors to their site. The only problem is, ranking for them is hard. This guide talks about the value of targeting low volume keywords that you are more likely to rank for. Ranking for low volume keywords have their benefits and you shouldn’t overlook them because of their low volume. 

“Just because a keyword exists – no matter the search volume – doesn’t mean it’s worth going after. You need to be selective about which keywords are worth your time (and money).”

Key Takeaways:

  • Targeting low volume keywords gives you a better chance of ranking highly for a targeted search. 
  • Ranking for multiple low volume keywords can help you create some brand awareness almost like owning a topic cluster. 

The Lightning Round: What We’re Reading This Week

In this section, we quickly run through some other updates that we didn’t have enough time to deep-dive on, but we still felt were noteworthy.

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  2. Facebook brings back reach estimates for Custom Audiences
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