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In this episode, we talk about additions to Google Ads and how to reach shoppers with Facebook Ads. 

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Google Ads is Testing New Lead Form Extensions

Matt Southern for Search Engine Journal

Google Ads is testing new lead form extensions for search ads. The new feature will allow advertisers to attract customers with a compelling call-to-action, which can be accessed after filling out the lead form. 

The lead form extension can be customized to capture user information like name, email, phone number, and postal code. After this information is collected, advertisers will be able to download their leads either to a CSV file or to an integrated CRM.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google Ads is testing a new lead form extension that will allow advertisers to capture customer information.
  • The new feature, still in beta, lets advertisers customize lead forms to collect information like customer name, email, phone, and zip code.

Reach people who are actively shopping with ads in Facebook Search Result

Facebook Business News

Facebook’s automatic ads placement can help you reach shoppers when they are actively looking for a product. Once you create your campaign, your ads can pop-up in search results and Marketplace search. These ads have the same look and feel as traditional ads but add the capability to catch people ‘in the moment’. 

Facebook research showed that opting-in to Facebook News Feed and Marketplace generally results in a lower cost per incremental lift for mid-funnel brand metrics than News Feed alone.

Key Takeaways:

  • The addition of search and Marketplace ads will give retailers a chance to get in front of buyers when they’re thinking about a certain idea or trying to get inspiration. 
  • The potential conversion rate and ROI of these ads seem high and can potentially give you a little boost in sales. 

App of the Week: StoryArt – insta story maker

StoryArt is an application available for Android and iPhone that helps you turn your boring old Instagram stories into engaging pictures and videos. You can download the app and pick from a variety of templates to convey a message, show off a product, and tons more!

Story Art Instagram App

Key Features:

  • Paid and free options
  • 1000+ Story Templates
  • Animated Templates

The Lightning Round: What We’re Reading This Week

In this section, we quickly run through some other updates that we didn’t have enough time to deep-dive on, but we still felt were noteworthy.

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  2. Snapchat beats in Q3, adding 7M users & revenue up 50%
  3. The Psychology of Colour in CX & Branding

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