UPDATE (5/6/16): This report is now out of beta, and should be accessible to most if not all users.

Google Analytics has released an extremely interesting new report in Beta, called “User Explorer” and the “User Report”. The report places a user’s activity in a timeline view, along with a profile photo and key facts like the user’s acquisition date, acquisition channel, device type, and their custom dimensions.
  • User Explorer gives you valuable insights into individual user behavior.
  • It allows you to identify your most valuable prospects and better target your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics User Explorer Beta Profile view

This report closely resembles the type of timeline view many would expect to find in a marketing automation platform like HubSpot, Pardot or Marketo, or a customer analytics tool like Kissmetrics or Mixpanel.

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The report defaults to a view that shows you the top Client ID’s by count of sessions during the selected time period, along with a set of useful metrics like their average session duration, # of transactions, and goal conversion rate.

Google Analytics User Explorer Beta

The fact that there is a profile silhouette implies that GA may allow integration with other systems to pull in a user’s profile, but time will tell if this turns out to be true.

It’s easy to imagine how useful this report will be, whether it’s identifying your most valuable ecommerce customers, or a publication’s most avid readers.

At the time the report remains in beta and is only available to select users. There is no word on when it will be released more widely, but we’ll add to this post as we learn more.

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