Inbound 2017 Sneak Peek: 5 Sessions to Take if Your SEO Efforts Need a Boost

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Inbound 2017 is right around the corner, scheduled to run from Monday, September 25 to Thursday, September 28. If you’re as excited as we are, we don’t blame you: This is the single largest conference for inbound marketers that happens each year, and a time when HubSpot tends to make its big announcements for the coming year. What’s not to be excited about?

When it comes to Inbound, the keynote speakers tend to get all of the love: They’re the biggest names, so they tend to appeal to a broad audience, not just those in Sales and Marketing. But while those keynote sessions are great for some inspiration, they’re not really going to teach you anything groundbreaking (with the exception, probably, of Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah). The real learning and the real value of Inbound comes from the breakout sessions.

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And there are A LOT of breakout sessions at Inbound 2017. All told, there are 203 breakout sessions where Inbound participants can take deeper dives into whatever subjects are most valuable to them. While the selection is impressive, it’s also overwhelming: Which sessions should I take at Inbound? Which ones are worth it? Which sessions should I skip at Inbound?

To make selecting your Inbound 2017 schedule a little bit easier, we’ve decided that it would be helpful to look at the sessions based on the challenges that you’re facing.

Without further ado, below are 5 breakout sessions that you should sign up for if you want to walk away from Inbound 2017 with some fresh ideas to boost your SEO efforts. They are ranked by schedule, not by value.

What Breakout Sessions at Inbound 2017 Will Help My SEO Efforts?

You already know that SEO is important to inbound marketing success. But SEO best practices are constantly changing as the search engines continue to update their algorithms and change the way that they weight different factors. How is a marketer to stay on top of the latest trends in SEO?

Well, Inbound 2017 is a great way to get caught up on all of the big changes that have happened in the world of SEO in 2017. If you need to refresh your SEO efforts, then these are the sessions that you should attend.

Back to Our Roots with Technical SEO

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 1–1:45pm

Presenter: Stephanie Wallace, Senior Director of SEO at Nebo

The focus: Historically, SEO was a very technical discipline. Over time, that shifted as Strategists began touting the death of SEO and claiming all you need is great content. Today, SEO is going back to those technical roots. From simple data markup to more complex proprietary technologies like AMP; now more than ever SEOs & marketers have to be technical masters. Learn why it’s important to embrace these technical roots, what technologies we should be learning now, and how to stay ahead of the curve.

How to Completely Crush SEO in 2020

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 4:15–5pm

Presenter: Tom Shapiro , CEO of Stratabeat

The focus: The world of SEO is constantly evolving. You may have a solid SEO strategy today, but how is your brand strategizing for the future? How will you completely crush it in 2020, just a few years away? In this session, we’ll explore how AI is transforming organic search as we know it, how branding and UX will take a more prominent role in organic search results, how ubiquitous screens will change the search landscape, and how other areas of innovation will drastically impact SEO as we know it today.

Topic Clusters Over Keywords: It’s the End of SEO (As We Know It)

When: Wednesday, September 27 from 4:45–5:30pm

Presenter: Leslie Ye, HubSpot Sales Products Aquisition

The focus: When you think of optimizing a website or page for search, what comes to mind? Keywords. Backlinks. Anchor text. But SEO is changing rapidly, and this approach just doesn’t cut it anymore. We’re moving to a world where topics matter more than keywords, and effective SEO involves more than optimizing a URL. In this session, I’ll walk you through how we blew up the HubSpot blogs’ approach to SEO using a topic cluster model, unveil the results, and teach you how to do it too.

The SEO Traffic Secret: How to Target Non-Branded Keywords

When: Thursday, September 28 from 10:30–11:15am

Presenter: Susan Wiker, Associate Director of SEO at Huge

The focus: How can you drive more traffic without spending more money on campaigns? This presentation will show you how content focusing on unbranded keywords can tap into different levels in the conversion funnel. Learn how to parse search intent and anticipate sequential queries that can lead to better brand awareness and more conversions, regardless of your marketing budget.

Here’s Why You Don’t Rank in Google

When: Thursday, September 28 from 11:45–12:30pm

Presenter: Matthew Barby, Senior Manager of Acquisition at HubSpot

The focus: For a lot of people, SEO seems like a dark art. There’s tons of misinformation online and it’s difficult to know where to start. I’m going to show you where you’re going wrong, dispel some myths and get you on the path to more rankings, traffic, and customers.

So what do you think?

Sound promising, don’t they? I’m personally really excited to learn more about Topic Clusters, which we know is going to be a big push by HubSpot this year. Which sessions look the most interesting to you?
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