Inbound 2017 Sneak Peek: 5 Sessions to Take if Your Sales and Marketing Teams Need Alignment

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Inbound 2017 is right around the corner, scheduled to run from Monday, September 25 to Thursday, September 28. If you’re as excited as we are, we don’t blame you: This is the single largest conference for inbound marketers that happens each year, and a time when HubSpot tends to make its big announcements for the coming year. What’s not to be excited about?

When it comes to Inbound, the keynote speakers tend to get all of the love: They’re the biggest names, so they tend to appeal to a broad audience, not just those in Sales and Marketing. But while those keynote sessions are great for some inspiration, they’re not really going to teach you anything groundbreaking (with the exception, probably, of Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah). The real learning and the real value of Inbound comes from the breakout sessions.

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And there are A LOT of breakout sessions at Inbound 2017. All told, there are 203 breakout sessions where Inbound participants can take deeper dives into whatever subjects are most valuable to them. While the selection is impressive, it’s also overwhelming: Which sessions should I take at Inbound? Which ones are worth it? Which sessions should I skip at Inbound?

To make selecting your Inbound 2017 schedule a little bit easier, we’ve decided that it would be helpful to look at the sessions based on the challenges that you’re facing.

Without further ado, below are 5 breakout sessions that you should sign up for if your Sales and Marketing teams need better alignment. They are ranked by schedule, not by value.

What Breakout Sessions at Inbound 2017 Will Help Me Align My Sales and Marketing Teams?

Marketing and Sales alignment is the process of getting your sales and marketing teams working together in order to close deals. If your teams aren’t aligned, then they aren’t going to be as efficient or as effective as they could be, and that means that they’re wasting time and losing out on money. It’s important to regularly ensure that your teams are aligned, and that Marketing continues to empower sales through lead acquisition and content.

Want to walk away from Inbound 2017 with some fresh ideas on sales and marketing alignment? These breakout sessions are for you!

Smarketing: How HubSpot Drives Sales & Marketing Alignment

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 10–11:15am

Presenter: Juliana Nicholson, Sr. Field Marketer at HubSpot

The focus: Here at HubSpot, our sales and marketing teams are tighter than a subway car during rush hour. But this doesn’t just happen by happenstance. During this session, I’ll pull back the curtain on how Marketing and Sales sets expectations and alignment, at every level of the organization. I’ll also cover tactical take-aways, like the communication channels that HubSpot uses to drive alignment between departments, the information we pass back and forth, as well as the tools that power it all.

How to Build Value for the Sales Team

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 10:30–11:15am

Presenter: Oliver Lopez, Owner/CEO of Structsales

The focus: The biggest challenge for marketers today is how to get sales involved in the inbound marketing initiatives. Oliver has an extensive background from sales and he speaks to the sales team as being “one of them”. The most challenging part of an inbound delivery is to onboard sales and to show business results at the end. In this session, you will find out the secrets behind how to get the attention from sales and management.

How to Use Content as a Tool for Each Department of Your Business

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 1–1:45pm

Presenter: Kelsey Meyer-Raymond, President and Co-Founder of Influence & Co.

The focus: Many companies focus on generating leads and revenue with inbound marketing strategies, never considering how they can benefit each department. In this session, Kelsey will cover how content can benefit sales, marketing, HR, account management, and customer service; the steps to create a content strategy that benefits the entire company; different ways to make content accessible to your team; and unique ways departments can use content to achieve their goals.

When: Wednesday, September 27 from 4:45–5:30pm

Presenter: Melissa Alvares, Director of Marketing at Sparkrock

The focus: I lead a small marketing team of 2. Our sales team depends 100% on leads from us (no Outbound calling). We were able to grow leads from 1/month to over 100/month through Inbound. And we find out that most of our MQLs are not being looked at! GRRRR. I haven’t written a book, I’m not a consultant, I’m not at a company you’ve heard of. But I’m up for sharing my experiences as a small business inbound marketer, how I was able to stop the MQL massacre and build a loving sales/marketing relationship.

Macgyver-ing for Marketers: How to Blow Minds with the Power of Hubspot Integrations

When: Thursday, September 28 from 11:45–12:30pm

Presenter: Sam AllenJeff Dwyer and of ezCater

The focus:Follow Jeff and Sam through a tour of the magic that can happen when you combine Slack, Zapier, and more with workflows and the Hubspot APIs. Workflows that automatically close deals when a user orders on your site? Check. Slack notifications to your salespeople if they forget to fill out necessary data before changing deal stages? Check. You’re guaranteed to come away with a few great ideas about how to more closely integrate Hubspot into your process.

So what do you think?

Sound promising, don’t they? If you take all of these sessions, there’s no doubt that you’ll walk away from Inbound 2017 with some fresh ideas to align your sales and marketing teams. Which sessions are you most excited for?
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