Inbound 2017 Sneak Peek: 11 Sessions to Take if Your Sales Team Needs a Kick in the Butt

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Inbound 2017 is right around the corner, scheduled to run from Monday, September 25 to Thursday, September 28. If you’re as excited as we are, we don’t blame you: This is the single largest conference for inbound marketers that happens each year, and a time when HubSpot tends to make its big announcements for the coming year. What’s not to be excited about?

When it comes to Inbound, the keynote speakers tend to get all of the love: They’re the biggest names, so they tend to appeal to a broad audience, not just those in Sales and Marketing. But while those keynote sessions are great for some inspiration, they’re not really going to teach you anything groundbreaking (with the exception, probably, of Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah). The real learning and the real value of Inbound comes from the breakout sessions.

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And there are A LOT of breakout sessions at Inbound 2017. All told, there are 203 breakout sessions where Inbound participants can take deeper dives into whatever subjects are most valuable to them. While the selection is impressive, it’s also overwhelming: Which sessions should I take at Inbound? Which ones are worth it? Which sessions should I skip at Inbound?

To make selecting your Inbound 2017 schedule a little bit easier, we’ve decided that it would be helpful to look at the sessions based on the challenges and goals.

Without further ado, below are 11 breakout sessions that you should sign up for you want to turn your sales team into an inbound sales powerhouse. They are ranked by schedule, not by value.

What Breakout Sessions at Inbound 2017 Will Help Me Build a Better Sales Team?

Inbound Sales sounds scary to people who are used to selling the old way. But sales has changed, and it’s up to you to make sure that your team’s skills and tools keep up with it.

If you are looking to walk away from Inbound 2017 with some sales enablement advice, then these are the sessions you need to attend.

How To Win High Value Deals With Social Tactics And Advanced Account Based Selling

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 10:30–11:45am

Presenter: Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life

The focus: The majority of sales leaders consider social selling and account-based tactics essential to their process-64% say they couldn’t live without them. And there’s a reason for this. Gone are the days when sellers pressured buyers into making purchases. Today, buyers are more informed than ever before and rely less on sales professionals to make buying decisions. In this session, Jamie Shanks outlines proven social selling and advanced account based strategies to reach buyers earlier in their journey and win high-value accounts at scale.

Billion Dollar Boiler Room Best Practices

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 11:45am–12:30pm

Presenter: Chris Smith, Co-Founder of Curaytor

The focus: Learn a sales script for converting online leads into closed sales at the highest rate possible.This keynote stands apart because it’s given by an award-winning salesman who knows how to close deals over the phone. Get a practical blueprint for specifically what to say and when to say it – right down to the most successful tone to use – so you can consistently convince people to buy from you.

Sell Smarter, Faster, and More with a Sales Playbook and These 5 Sales Plays

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 11:45am–12:30pm

Presenter: Dani Buckley, General Manager at LeadG2

The focus: Just like the best athletes, every salesperson should know the appropriate play to run in any given sales situation they encounter. We’ll cover the key chapters to include in your own sales playbook, and dive specifically into five foundational sales plays you can begin coaching them on. You’ll leave knowing how to get started building a sales playbook, armed with examples and tactical steps so you can begin shortening and strengthening your organization’s sales process immediately.

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 1–1:45pm

Presenter: Keith Johnston, Principal/Owner of True North Leadership

The focus: Keith teaches strategies for turning opportunities ignored by sales teams into big wins. He relates how he combined a passion for collaboration with insights on value to generate over $200 million in sales from opportunities which were all but abandoned. For those who truly believe in the value of their products and services, Keith will show you how to win the inbound sales game when others are ready to give up.

How to Close More Leads Using Science-Based Emails and Sales Pages

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 4:15–5pm

Presenter: Jeff Coon, Partner at Stream Creative

The focus: Combine research from neuroscience with best-practices in visual communication to help a prospect make a favorable buying decision. Create custom emails and sales pages to personalize your message, more clearly communicate your unique selling proposition, establish trust with a prospect and create efficiencies in your sales process. Jeff will walk through a sales page template and email templates that you can implement at your company to shorten the sales cycle and improve your closing rate.

Grow Your Sales Revenue Through Sales Coaching in 2018

When: Tuesday, September 26 from 4:15–5pm

Presenter: Keenan, CEO and President of A Sales Guy

The focus: In an era where sales organizations are being asked to do more with less, sales coaching is proving to be the greatest opportunity to increase revenue, accelerate the sales cycle, and drive greater sales effectiveness. This session will provide new industry data regarding the impact of coaching, and how to capitalize on coaching to accelerate your sales growth. This session will breakdown Keenan’s proven sales coaching methodology and the tactical steps to executing it quickly and effectively.

How to Achieve Inbound Sales Success: A 5 Step Secret Ninja Plan that Will Surprise You

When: Wednesday, September 27 from 10:30–11:15am

Presenter: Adam Steinhardt, CEO of The Kingdom

The focus: Want new ways to get leads and sales from the internet but not sure how to bust down impediments? Unsure about the best way to get Inbound Sales working for you? Have HubSpot, but would like it to deliver more profit? Struggling to get the inbound conversions you envisioned when you first started? This 5 point Ninja plan will get your inbound sales and marketing firing. Delivered with passion, inspiration and from the highly rated, Adam Steinhardt. This is a do not miss presentation.

The Science of Improving Sales Results

When: Wednesday, September 27 from 10:30–11:15am

Presenter: David Hoffeld, CEO & Chief Sales Trainer at The Hoffeld Group

The focus: What makes one salesperson outperform another? Because of the explosion of scientific research into how our brains create buying decisions and the specific factors that enable heightened levels of sales performance, we know the answer to this important question. In this thought-provoking, content-rich session, David Hoffeld will share how to align how you sell with how the brain forms choices and the specific qualities that have been scientifically proven to improve sales success.

The 5 Transformations Required to Make Inbound Sales Successful

When: Wednesday, September 27 from 11:45–12:30pm

Presenter: Doug Davidoff, Founder & CEO of Imagine Business Development

The focus: Two recent trends represent an enormous threat to sales: 1. Buyers today have more control than ever 2. The utilization of artificial intelligence A revolution in selling has come, and its name is Inbound Sales. Success requires more than just learning how to handle inbound leads or navigate the buyer’s journey. It requires a transformation in strategy, mindset and actions. In this session, Doug shares the five transformations that enable companies to make Inbound Selling successful.

Sales Conversations: Marketing ain’t nothing if you can’t sell sh*t

When: Wednesday, September 27 from 3:30–4:15pm

Presenter: Brian Williams, CEO at Perspectivity Consulting

The focus: Listen, I dig ALL the online marketing tools, I use them daily, but eventually, you’ll have to effectively communicate the value you are offering. People often believe marketing is selling, but marketing is best done when you also understand sales. This WORKING-shop focuses on sharing a 6-Step framework that produces the ultimate sales conversations so you can use it in your marketing ads, landing pages, emails, and inbound sales conversations.

How Brain Science Can Transform You into a Sales Rock Star

When: Thursday, September 28 from 10:30–11:15am

Presenter: Duncan Lennox, CEO and Co-founder of Qstream

The focus: How much you remember has nothing to do with how intelligent you are. In fact, research shows that in just 30 days nearly 80% of new information is forgotten. It’s simply how the human brain works. So, when sales reps receive copious amounts of information prior to a product launch, keeping those messages top of mind to aggressively win deals is tough. With neuroscience, increasing knowledge retention and durably changing sales rep behaviors ensures strong conversations with potential buyers.

So what do you think?

Are you planning on adding any of these sales enablement focused sessions to your Inbound 2017 schedule? I know that Sean and I will be at at least a few of them. Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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