Note: This week we unfortunately had two audio issues, which we corrected mid-show. What can we say, we’re still learning in the ins and outs of Facebook Live! Thanks for sticking with us.

The Stack is a weekly Facebook Live show focusing on the latest tools, trends and technology in the world of sales and marketing.

This week we focused on ways you can create a high-performing pay-per-click funnel for lead generation at your company.

The Stack Ep. #4 – How to Create a Killer PPC Lead Generation …

We’re back at 1pm with another live episode of #TheStack! This week we’ll show you 5 ways to create a killer PPC lead generation funnel. Don’t forget to tune in!

Posted by Pepperland Marketing on Friday, June 9, 2017

Before diving in, Sean and Tim recapped the week sharing that morning’s exciting chipmunk incident, Rand Fishkin’s latest Whiteboard Friday video, and other tidbits.  Now let’s get on with the main topic:

5 Steps to Create a Killer PPC Lead Generation Funnel

  1. Get Super Targeted

  2. Don’t Get Lazy with Your Landing Pages

  3. Offer Immediate Value

  4. Always Use an Auto-Responder Email

  5. Nurture Past the Click

Your Questions:

As usual, we also discussed some of your questions on the HubSpot community and in the chat. Below are links to those questions and our replies.

The Tool of the Week:

This week’s featured tool or app is GrowthBot, a free chatbot designed for those in sales and marketing.  GrowthBot integrates with popular chat platforms like Slack and Facebook Messenger, and is a ton of fun. Below are some examples of things you can ask it:

  • what are top articles on growth hacking?
  • what software does use?
  • show me top posts from
  • company overview for
  • grade website
  • show me public saas companies using hubspot
  • lookup email
  • search hubspot support for integrations
  • what is trending on
  • show me something funny
  • connect my google analytics account
  • how was organic traffic last week?

We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. Be sure to tune in next week and every Friday at 1pm ET.  See you then!