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In this episode, we talk about some new updates coming to Google that could impact the way you strategize. 

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Google to release broad September core algorithm update later today

@searchliason via Twitter

Google announced via Twitter they will be rolling out a broad algorithm update later today. While this news is relatively new, the webmaster community is buzzing with anticipation. Danny Sullican (@dannysullican) said he expects the update to take a few days to full roll out so it may take a bit to see any changes. These updates can sometimes be cause for concern but you always want to keep an eye on your Google Search Console, Analytics and other reporting tools to see if their are any big drops or spikes. 

Google Update

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t panic! Like I said before, just keep an eye on your reports and if there are any big changes you can investigate and take any action if necessary. 

Performance Report

Google Webmasters

Google has made some updates to the reporting in Google Search Console. They have added a new date range to show the most recent data which is clearly label when you start to filter by date. You can see a preview of it below. Previously, if you wanted to see data from Monday, you would have to wait a few days to see the data. 

Google Search Console Fresh Data

“With the new fresh data, users can now see data as recent as less than a day old – a significant improvement compared to the previous few days.”

Key Takeaways:

  • You can get fresh stats without waiting. If you need to keep an eye on your websites numbers for a specific day or holiday, you can see how your sites performing with very little lag time. 
  • You can see changes to your rankings, clicks, etc, days before to identify a problem or issue on your site. 
  • You can also export your performance by dates now. You can pick customized timeframes to help you track changes over time.

App Of The Week:

Hugo is a way for teams to create meeting notes and action items seamlessly between meetings. You can collaboratively take notes, assign tasks, log meetings and call all through integrations like slack and HubSpot. They offer a free plan that allows you to have up to 40 team members  and you can create unlimited notes and agendas. This syncs with Google or your Microsoft suit.

Hugo- App of the week


  • For teams that are constantly bouncing around from meeting to meeting, Hugo helps you keep track, assign, and loop in other team members all from one app. 

The Lightning Round: What We’re Reading This Week

In this section, we quickly run through some other updates that we didn’t have enough time to deep-dive on, but we still felt were noteworthy.

  1. Twitter Officially Rolls Out ‘Hide Replies’ Feature in the US
  2. Facebook Rolls Out New Types of Interactive Mobile Ads
  3. Google Rolls Out 6 Easter Eggs to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ‘Friends’
  4. Announcing Skill Assessments to Help You Showcase Your Skills

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