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In this episode, we talk about some website navigation design best practices, important copywriting tips for writing captions, and updates to HubSpot.  We would love to hear your thoughts so make sure to comment or tweet us at @Sylvestrer1, @SeanHenri, and @Tendrecroppes or @PepperlandMKTG.

How To Build an SEO & UX Focused Main Navigation

Josh McCoy for Search Engine Journal

This article provides a pretty tactical way of creating a user-focused main navigation. If you are going through a redesign, rethinking your website structure, or just ready for a change, focusing on these specific changes will go a long way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deploying heatmaps can give you a good idea of where users are getting confused on your website.
  • Google Analytics User Flows help you understand where most people are going when they navigate from the website. Focus on where users leave the site and analyze why they might have left the site.
  • Look at top converting pages and see where they can fit into your navigation. Putting these as top level pages can help you get more leads.

The Art of Copywriting: How to Write Better Captions that Get Engagement

Brian Peters for Buffer

Ahhhhhh!!! Do I have your attention? Social media has made it really hard to get user attention for more than a few seconds. Learning how to write captivating captions can help increase your engagement all over the web, not just social media. This article outlines some key things that you want to keep in mind when writing your captions.

A good caption is a piece of writing that should be concise, accurate, informative and as carefully crafted as the image itself.

For marketers, it’s absolutely vital to get the caption right. A great caption can help sell an image or video and equally, a bad caption can make people scroll right past it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The captions you use for your social media posts are a part of your content marketing strategy. They are content. Just like any other content, they need to be well-thought through and tailored specifically to your audience and targeted persona.
  • A good caption should do three things: It should be informative, explaining the significance behind an image or video; it should be interesting enough that it captures your audience’s attention as they’re scrolling through their feed; and it should inspire some kind of action, whether that is to like, share, or click through to your website.
  • The same things that make for great blog posts make for great social media captions. Aim to keep your captions short and to the point, easy to read, and full of interesting visuals and data that will encourage action.

Assign Objects to Multiple Owners using Custom Owner Properties In HubSpot

HubSpot Product Blog

When you have a growing company, you tend to create more solidified marketing and sales team. Each team has a specific job and specific people. As we know, marketing leads will eventually get handed off to sales and before this recent HubSpot update, it was hard to keep track of which contact belonged to who. Now, you can assign an object in HubSpot to multiple owners.

Key Features:

  • Create custom owner properties
  • Permissions were also taken into consideration with this update and will be able to access the same number on contacts.

App Of The Week


As audio consumption grows, it makes even more sense to turn more and more of your content into an audio file to use on YouTube, Instagram, or Podcasts. Blogcast generates an audio version of your articles so you can use them to reach your audience when they are too busy to sit down and read an article.

  • Easily download your audio files and host it on a variety of servers and applications
  • Use multiple languages and accents to align with your target audience
  • Use an embedded player above any article to encourage users to listen rather than read.
  • Turn any article to audio for just $0.50

If you want to hear a preview of what the AI voice sounds like you can listen to a sample on this page.

The Lightning Round: What We’re Reading This Week

In this section, we quickly run through some other updates that we didn’t have enough time to deep-dive on, but we still felt were noteworthy.

  1. New to Instagram Shopping: Checkout
  2. Google No Longer Supports rel=next/prev
  3. Updated Sitemaps report in Google Search Console
  4. Twitter confirms a new ‘Subscribe to Conversation’ feature for following tweets of interest

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