Just about anyone could make an AdWords account, take Google’s certification, and call themselves a “PPC expert”.  But how can you be sure your account is in good hands?

Google recognized this challenge a few years ago when they first introduced their certification and partner programs for agencies that support Google’s many advertising options. Three years ago, the Google Partners program was formally introduced recognizing some of the best agencies and consultants out there. For advertisers, this provided a way to find the best partners to help them manage their campaigns and grow their business.

To make it even easier to find agency partners that will deliver the best results with your advertising budget, Google recently announced a new “Premier Google Partner” status, and we’re pleased to be one of the select few agencies to receive this recognition.

Why Choose A Premier Google Partner Agency?

The new badge recognizes partners who manage a significant portfolio of Google AdWords campaigns and consistently provide great results to their customers.  In order to earn and maintain this certification, we must hit certain benchmarks within each account we manage and maintain several certifications amongst each one of our team members.

Based on the product knowledge demonstrated by our team, Pepperland has been recognized as having specializations in search advertising and mobile advertising.

There are thousands of Google Partners in the country, and dozens in the state of Connecticut, but only a small percentage have earned the Premier badge. We’re proud to be one of just 6 in the state to achieve this status. We’d also like to congratulate our friends at Zero Gravity Marketing, Driven Local, Dex Media, Cronin and Company and Hibu for being of the few other agencies in Connecticut to receive this recognition.

But Wait, Aren’t You An Inbound Marketing Agency?

You bet we are, but we don’t believe that inbound marketing and advertising are necessarily incompatible. Inbound is all about creating experiences that customers love. As long as your ads are helpful, provide a direct solution to the buyer’s need or helps them navigate their decision process, we can consider those ads to be inbound worthy. Today’s technology and new advertising mediums make this possible.

We also recognize that at the end of the day, top rankings in organic search will provide a far greater ROI than a paid ad. Unfortunately, getting strong rankings can take a very long time and a great deal of hard effort all while having revenue quotas and lead targets. This makes paid search and social advertising the perfect accelerator while you wait for your organic inbound efforts to gain traction.

Do You Really Need An Agency?

While Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn have all tried to make it as easy as possible for the everyday marketer or small business owner to manage campaigns themselves, upwards of 98% of advertisers still waste their money on ads.  This is why expert help can make a huge impact on whether or not you’ll see a positive ROI for your efforts.

Working with a Premier Google Partner Agency will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of the everyday advertiser. When bundled with inbound marketing services that converts visitors into leads and leads into customers, PPC and Google AdWords can be a powerful way to fill your pipeline.

We’re excited to recognized for the quality of our work, and honored to have the opportunity to work with clients who have helped us achieve this recognition. Want to learn how about our PPC Management Services? Drop us a line.

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