If you’re an inbound marketing newbie, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of content that you need to produce for your travel and tourism marketing campaigns. You need to churn out a constant stream of blog content—as much as two or three articles a week—to keep your audience engaged and coming to your site, but that rapid rate of publication makes it easy to run out of ideas.

It can be tough to compete when the tourism and travel industry is already saturated with beautiful Instagram photos, interesting videos, checklists, guides—the list goes on. The fact is, it’s important to always have an arsenal of subjects to write about.

When you run out of blog topic ideas to write about, it can be a tremendous sag on productivity. There’s nothing worse than having a blog that is active for months, only to run out of ideas that leaves your editorial calendar empty.

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If this sounds familiar, you’re in luck! Here are some example blog topics that you could write about for your business in the tourism industry.

(Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that search engines don’t like duplicate content, so make sure you’re tweaking these titles to fit your own needs. These are only meant to be inspiration for your own blogging efforts, not word-for-word titles.)

If You’re Trying to Bring More Guests to Your B&B

  1. What to Expect When Staying at a B&B
  2. Within a 10 Mile Radius: Cool Things to Do in Town
  3. Why Stay at a B&B Over a Hotel
  4. Awesome Perks of Staying at a B&B
  5. What Not to do at a B&B
  6. XX Secret Pet Peeves of B&B Innkeepers
  7. Your B&B Checklist: XX Things to Consider Before Hitting the Road
  8. How Opting for a B&B Can Improve Your Multi Day-Trip Weekend
  9. Choosing the Right B&B Based on Your Interests
  10. Next Level “Staycation”: Why You Should Get Away to a B&B Right Around the Corner

If You’re Trying to Reach Campers for Your Campground

  1. Your Camping Checklist: XX Things to Bring on Your Trip
  2. XX Steps to Surviving Your Family Camping Trip
  3. Camping With Teenagers: Keeping Them Interested and Entertained
  4. XX Household Items to Repurpose for Your Camping Trip
  5. XX Delicious Foods to Cook on an Open Flame (and How)
  6. Be the Star of the Tent: XX Common Camping Roadblocks and How to Fix Them
  7. Camping Smart: XX Simple Things to Do to Protect Yourself in the Wild
  8. The Glamping Movement: XX Glampsites to Consider for Your Family Trip
  9. XX Games to Play With No Equipment, Planning, or Supplies
  10. Campers, Tents, and RVs: Find the Camping Style That’s Right for You

If You’re Trying to Attract Wine Enthusiasts to Your Vineyard

  1. Red, White, and All the Rest: XX Steps to Branching Out at the Vineyard
  2. XX Items for Your Vineyard Basket
  3. XX Awesome Food Pairings for Any Vineyard Trip
  4. Vineyard Checklist: XX Things You Don’t Want to Forget to Bring
  5. XX Ways to Get the Most Value Out of Your Vineyard Trip
  6. Wine Language: What You Want at the Vineyard and How to Ask for It
  7. Top Vineyards in Your State
  8. Why Choose a Vineyard for Your Wedding and Reception
  9. XX Unexpected Private Events to Throw at Your Local Vineyard
  10. Classes, Live Music, Relaxation: XX Reasons to Visit the Vineyard This Summer

If You’re Trying to Find Patrons for Your Museum

  1. Rainy day? XX Reasons to Choose a Museum Over the Movies
  2. Enjoying Your Solo Trip to the Museum: XX Steps
  3. XX Museum Ideas to Intrigue Your Kids
  4. Best Interactive Museums in Your State
  5. XX Life-Changing Museum Exhibits
  6. XX Reasons to Travel Out of State for a Museum
  7. Exploring Your Hometown: Why it Matters to go to Local Museums
  8. XX Ways Museums Encourage Learning in Kids
  9. Choosing the Right Museum Based on Your Kids’ Interests: A XX Step Guide
  10. How to Get the Most out of Any Museum Visit

If You’re Trying to Find More Visitors for Your Seasonal Attraction

  1. XX Ways to be the Day-Trip Destination of Your State
  2. XX Reasons to Visit the Art Gallery This Season
  3. Your Aquarium Checklist: XX Items to Bring
  4. Make Your Own Tour: Turning Your Personal Interest Into Fun, Local Travel
  5. Pros and Cons of Indoor Water Parks
  6. XX Coffee Shops and Cafes to Visit in Your State
  7. XX Reasons to go to a Local Open Mic Over a Concert
  8. XX Things to Never Forget on a Family Day-Trip
  9. XX Reasons to Choose a Historical Attraction Over a Day at the Amusement Park
  10. Getting Closer to Nature: XX Reasons to Visit Conservatories and Gardens in Your State

Putting It to Use

There you have it, 50 blog title ideas perfect for different kinds of businesses in the travel and tourism industry. Share this list with your team and use the ideas as a leaping off point for content creation: Collaborate to identify which titles would work best in each stage of your ideal buyer’s journey, and make sure you customize them to your needs.

Need some more ideas on how to jazz up your content creation efforts? Check out our list of free and cheap tools that all content marketers should be using.

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