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In this week’s episode, Sean and Tim show viewers 4 new HubSpot beta integrations that marketers will love.

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This week, Sean talks about some changes that are coming to the Google homepage, and Tim talks about Spark: The new social network launched by Amazon.

Featured Segment: 4 New HubSpot Integrations Marketers Will Love

A few days ago, HubSpot announced some new beta integrations. Sean and Tim have chosen their four favorite integrations which have the potential to have a big impact on marketers using the HubSpot suite of products:

Tool of the Week: Eyedropper Extension in Google Chrome

Have you ever been on a website and seen a color that you really liked, and that you really wanted to incorporate into a CTA, button, or some other design feature on your website, but you didn’t know the hex code or exact color? Google eyedropper is a free chrome extension that allows you to figure out an exact color simply by clicking on it with your cursor.

Color Picker Extension

This is a helpful tool for designers of all stripes, but is also especially helpful for marketers. For example, let’s imagine you are pulling together a landing page for a client, and you want to match the landing page design color scheme to your client’s brand colors. You don’t know the exact color to use, though, and your client is out of the office for the next week, so you can’t ask them for the info. But you really want to finish the project. Just download the eyedropper, click over to their website, and select the color that you want to mimic and voila.

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